I absolutely advocate shopping online. It’s incredibly convenient in the sense I never, ever have to look for parking spots ever again, let alone put on pants.
The best days are no-pants days! 
Sorry, SpongeBob.

My friends and I first discovered ShopBack when SAYS wrote about them, and their business model caught our attention and it definitely is an interesting site that gives you cashback.
Online stores partner with them by placing affiliate links on the site, from which ShopBack earns commissions from each sale, and then rewards the corresponding customer with a cut of the said commission.
Cashbacks are paid with online bank transfer to customers, so yup, you literally get your cash back.

I have been using ShopBack for almost a year, and I never shop without it. The best part?
You can use them in conjunction with discount codes!
So, you can get cashback with Sephora coupons, for example, to enjoy even more savings.

A couple of months ago, AirAsia Big joined in the fun and now you can earn cashback and Big Points simultaneously!
Have I mentioned that you can also enjoy travel deals with Hotels.com discount codes?
Cashback AND flier miles? Yes, please!

All of my redeemed cashback goes directly into my rainy day savings.
To prove that I’m not waxing lyrical here, I’m attaching a screenshot of my cashback balance here.
I’ve managed to accumulate that amount of cashback just because I shop online 90% of the time.
Need to get my car tinted? ShopBack+Groupon.
New iPhone case? Shopback+eBay
(The one shown above costs US$0.99 with free shipping!)
Chinese New Year clothes? ShopBack+Zalora.
Want a new watch? ShopBack+ShopBop
Renew domain and web hosting? ShopBack+GoDaddy.

Super cool, right?

If you sign up for ShopBack via my referral link here, we’ll both earn RM5 each upon registration, and another RM5 each once your first purchase (minimum of RM25) becomes redeemable!

* This post was written by invitation from ShopBack. All opinions and user experience are entirely my own.