I have to admit that I was in a slump a couple of months back (hence the hiatus).
Whatever seemed thrilling failed to excite me.
Inspiration was at a frustrating all-down low. Quelle horreur! 

Then it hit me: I needed a change of environment and get out of my comfort zone.
Ironically, it was actually one of my former bosses who said,

“Once you’re stuck in your comfort zone, you’ll become irrelevant.”

Those words hit me like how that yellow schoolbus hit Regina George.

So that’s exactly what I did: I quit my job, and pursued an entirely different career.
Sure, I was terrified, but then I remembered two former colleagues of mine who also left the world of engineering to pursue their dreams: a police officer, and a yoga instructor.

It is just one of those moments when you just need to shut your eyes and rip the Band-Aid off.
And you know what?
It felt right.

On another note, I remember the reason why I started writing a blog ages ago was so that I could have a creative outlet of sorts.
I’ve always loved to write ever since I was a child (you should have seen the essays I wrote back in school), then photography and brand engagements came into the picture (pun intended), so pouring out my thoughts into words took a back seat.
Maybe I should start posting my musings again.