Now I’m happy with these photos!

Usually I’d post all the sights and sounds of a trip in one post, but The Grand Palace of Thailand is just so majestic and glorious that it NEEDS its own blog post.

We were just bowled over by the palace’s architecture!
The intricacy, the texture, the sparkles, the gold!
Thank God that it was a cloudy day or else we would have been blinded.

Very grand indeed.
The Grand Palace is without a doubt one of the places you must visit before you die.

Think that gold pagoda is painted?

Look closer:

I want this wall in my room, please!

Amanda took this shot, I think.

Chimes on the roof

Restoration of the ancient mural.

Amanda took the last two photos.

PS: Since our taxi driver thought that we were Thai, he advised us to sneak in as Thais who can enter for free because tickets cost 350 Baht for foreigners (not cheap!)