Plan B Sandwich

Plan B

Met up with the ladies of Elements Magazine today at Plan B!
(Hui Yen, a coursemate of mine, is our newest contributor)
We invited Zeek along too, since his home is only 2 minutes away from the mall by foot.

My wild mushroom pasta and Sheila‘s and Anna‘s Loaded Club Sandwich

Hui Yen’s Duck Confit sandwich

Zeek’s Breakfast Platter

Hui Yen and Anna

And a little sneak peek of what my next blog post will be!

The food at Plan B isn’t bad, but definitely unique 😉
And not too expensive!

  • WTF? That was super quick! Haha!

    I loved the food there! It was very nice! Looking forward to going there again, one day!

  • @Sheila: Lol that is because I barely edited them! 😉 And yes, looking forward to going back again!

  • Super quick , Ag ! Haha !

    Oh yeah , I thought I was out of the picture . Didn't realize I was in it . -_- Look so bad there . LOL.

    Nice to see all. 🙂

  • @Anna: Well I was bored, and I didn't edit much anyway.

    LOL you look fine! Don't worry 😉

  • Eh? when i clicked Hui Yen's link, i think i saw her tumblr somewhere before, did u intro her?

    Haha, definitely pasta for Agnes ^^ how was it?

    *Imagining 4 ladies of Elements Magazine, each with one DSLR,having meal together* haha~

  • @Cheryl: I think I've tweeted her link before!

    The pasta is just okay. My mom and I can make better tossed pasta 😛

    And yes, it was crazy with all the cameras around XD

  • "see you latte" on the wall – brilliant

    Your photography gets better and better 🙂

  • @SOTC: So glad you spotted that sign! 😉

    And thank you so much!

  • I'm in love with your photography, I scroll through your blog and am impressed with every single picture. the food looks delectable.

  • @Graciela: Thank you 😉 So glad to know that you enjoy my work!

  • They have good food at PlanB *_^

    • They do! I can never decide on what to eat whenever I drop by 😉