Urban Decay Makeover

My Makeover Courtesy of Urban Decay

To be completely honest, I barely wear makeup.
My idea of getting dressed up for work involves a light foundation, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil; and weekends are my off days.
The thought of applying eyeshadow intimidates me as I have the typical Oriental single eyelids (hello, panda eyes)
Blending? I have no idea how people do it.
So when I received an invitation to get a makeover done from Urban Decay (which is also Peta– and Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free) how could I resist?
Have you read about how products are tested on animals? It’s heartbreaking :'(
No innocent creature should endure torture just for humans to look pretty!

Off I went to Sephora, KLCC to meet up with fellow bloggers Hanie and Shea for our makeovers.

Oops, bad lighting.
No makeup whatsoever.

Et voilà!

Our makeup artist, Siti used the Naked Basics pallete for our eyes (and eyebrows!) and we were definitely impressed by its versatility.
I absolutely love how natural we looked.

A blog post on Urban Decay’s products to follow 😉

PS: I have some exciting news about Sephora but I just can’t tell anyone yet!

  • Absolutely love how natural the look of urs and Hanie after the makeover!! <3

  • Aww thank you, Caroline! I couldn't believe how easy it was to use the Naked Basics palette. The results are amazing.

  • Carolyn Tay

    The make up is so natural, perfect for daily use! I hesitate to buy it cause I just bought naked2 :p

  • You don't even need makeup, Aggie! Your skin is gorgeous by itself =) What fun to get a free makeover though… it's always nice to get pampered!
    ~Joanna <3

  • Sarah Teo

    Love the makeover! i just blogged about ud smoked liners. haha

  • Naked 2 is good too! The shades are pretty awesome.

  • Aww thank you, Joanna! My skin decided to behave for the camera that day. I have sensitive skin so sometimes I get flaky skin and/or some breakouts lol.

  • Thank you, Sarah! Ahh I love "Empire" and "Mainline".