MediTeca KL

MediTeca KL: Wine, Tapas, Deli

Hola, amigos!
I was invited to MediTeca‘s trial run this afternoon to review their food.
Headed by Executive Chef Manuel Lopez, the Spanish-Mediterranean menu certainly did not disappoint.

It was definitely fun spraying balsamic vinegar and olive oil onto our bread.

Smoked salmon salad with avocado.
Hands down, one the best salads I’ve ever had.

We also had shots of tomato gazpacho.
To be completely honest, I never thought I would like gazpacho since it’s cold soup.
I’m a warm, hearty soup person and MediTeca changed my mind.

Poached egg (not exactly though) with mushrooms, potatoes, sweet onion and a truffle emulsion.
A lot people will be less cranky if they had this for breakfast.

Skewers of tomato and mozzarella and basil air.
Lightest salad I’ve ever had, and I’m not complaining.

Paella with chicken and vegetables. Yum!
It’s enough for 4 actually, so be warned.

Baked chicken breast rolled in spinach and ricotta.
Thank goodness that this portion is tiny!

Yoghurt mousse with mango cream.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this fluffy dessert! The yoghurt isn’t too sour and the mango cream isn’t too sweet.

Lemon meringue pie in a martini glass? Yes please!
The catalan cream foam is similar to crème brûlée, but with a foamy base.

The warm chocolate fondant with vanilla ice-cream is my absolute favourite. The combination of vanilla ice-cream with lava cake never fails to soothe the soul.
With vanilla beans bespeckling the ice-cream, it is without a doubt that the ice-cream was homemade.

Restaurant manager Alex Schulz and Executive Chef Manuel Lopez.

My sister and I had a wonderful time at MediTeca. The food was fantastic, service was excellent and the ambience was relaxing.
The best part? It’s not pretentious at all, and the prices are quite competitive.
Alex and I were talking about how some restaurants here are getting boring and in his words, generic.
With a little bit of marketing, MediTeca can be one of the best restaurants in the heart of KL.

MediTeca will be officially open next week, and will be officially launched in September.

Mediteca Wine and Tapas
Fraser Place
Jalan Perak
50450 Kuala Lumpur

  • Ah, the kind of food that would make me feel so good, then make me feel so bad afterward because it's just so damn decadent.

    • Believe it or not, there wasn't any guilty feeling at all, unlike the kind that you get after eating too much processed/junk food.

  • Wow, this is quite a fast post!

    Love the food presentation, along with the creativity in it.

    • That is because I barely have to edit my photos. You should really try MediTeca 😉

  • pj

    yummy! i wanna eat them all 😛

    • The food tastes better than they look! I miss their warm chocolate fondant + vanilla ice-cream already!