Gradient Glitter Manicure DIY
Gradient Glitter Manicure DIY
Gradient Glitter Manicure DIY
This is a very popular yet very simple manicure to replicate, and it has become my go-to style whenever I’m in a rush.
This also goes so well with the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s parties.

Just like my Miu Miu glitter sole heels DIY, I used two glitter nail polishes with different glitter sizes: China Glaze’s Nova (dense, slightly holographic, chunky glitter) and Color Club’s Sugarplum Fairy (loose, fine, holographic glitter).

Holographic glitter gives an extra sparkle of colours, but that makes it very hard to photograph. Both nail polishes are very beautiful in person and I recommend getting at least one of them for your personal collection.

When it comes to glitter nail polishes, it’s best to dab instead of brushing them onto your nails. To achieve this gradient glitter effect, I started dabbing a bit of Nova onto the tip of my nails, gradually working down to the middle of the nail with whatever is left on the brush.
Once the first layer is dry, I dabbed on a bit of Sugarplum Fairy onto the tip first, and proceeded to the middle of the nail again.

To finish it off, apply a layer of top coat. I personally use Seche Vite.