DIY Lace Brush Guard

When I saw these lace brush guards on Paris B’s Instagram, inspiration hit me like a tonne of bricks.
These are so incredibly easy and fast to make that I started working on them whilst still in my dowdy pyjamas!
Yay for weekends!

You’ll need:
Stretchable lace
Needle and thread
Makeup brush.
(Mine are ZOEVA and they’re available on Luxola! Love, love them! Reviews soon.)

Begin with wrapping the lace around your brush. Once measured, slowly trim off the lace. It’s best to have excess lace. Remove the brush.
As lace is extremely delicate and flimsy, fold over the excess lace (extra support for the lace) and start stitching. I used the overcast stitch (more info here) over the folded lace.
Do make sure that both corners of each end of your brush guard are properly aligned together.
Once you’re done stitching, flip the lace right side out (so that the stitches are hidden on the inside of the brush guard) and voilà!

Don’t the lace brush guards look ever so elegant?
Happy stitching!