Ben's KLCC

Ben’s, Suria KLCC

Sheila and I met up with Doreen last night!
Hailing all the way from Kuching, Doreen stopped by KL for a week en route home from a family trip to Singapore.

We picked Suria KLCC as our meeting point as it is the most convenient for everyone, and chose Ben’s as Sheila and I have had great experiences with its other sister restaurants, Plan B and Ben’s General Food Store at Bangsar Village.

Love the little recipe cards and conversation topics placed on each table.
This little detail is bound to make their customers return.

My answer: “Freak out seeing my penis and then panic wondering how to pee.”

I am IN LOVE with Doreen’s glittery iPhone screen guard which she bought from Singapore!

Left: My creamy tomato spaghetti; Right: Doreen’s beef bolognese

Sheila’s portobello mushroom burger.
“Too much bread and too little meat,” this carnivorous girl says.

For dessert, strawberry shortcake and Rocky Road cake.
I’m having a bad withdrawal from Ben’s General Food Store’s Rocky Road milkshake, and the cake just doesn’t cut it.
The cake is good, but the milkshake is better!

I need that on my wall at home.

Will I return to Ben’s?

The fact that there was a line on a Monday night proves how wonderful the food is.
Prices are reasonable as it was about RM30 or so per person, like its sister restaurants.

  • Love the combined pictures of our pasta! And of course, our group photo as well! It was fun to meet up with the 2 of you after a very long time! Cheers to more meetings in the future :DDDDD

  • @Doreen: So glad that you had a great time, Doreen! And yes, cheers to more meetings soon 😉

  • Oh, and btw, I'm sorry for not informing you and Sheila earlier on that I would be stopping by KL because there were certain people whom I did not want to know that I'm KL and I did not want to meet up with them, so I've been keeping quiet about it and only went public with it once I'm here.

  • @Doreen: Oops! Just let me know if I should remove anything 😉

  • Clever editing with the pastas! I wish I thought of that!

    I loveddd the environment and the food! No disappointments at all. Well, except for my food. The quote goes more like these, "Too much veggies and too little meat!" D: Hahah!

    Sooooooooo looking forward to more meet-ups in the futureee! <3

  • Ok, I'm not the first one to say this: I love what you did to the pasta photo! xD

    Looks delicious! definitely going to bring my bf there! but i have no impression of seeing it in Suria KLCC, which floor?

  • @Sheila: Thank you! 😀 Lol well you need to get something with more meat next time then!

    @Cheryl: Thank you, too! Will definitely take more straight-on photos so I can arrange them so.

    The food IS delicious! Ben's is above Miu Miu, across Harrod's 😉