Ben's General Food Store

Ben’s General Food Store

Met up with Zeek, Anna and Sheila for brunch today.
Zeek chose Ben’s General Food Store in Bangsar Village, and the place is amazing!
Sure, it’s very packed and cramped (hence only food photos, couldn’t fit everything else into the frame), but definitely worth it.

Out of focus :'(
Love the fact that bottles of olive oil each infused with rosemary and dried chillis are offered for customers at the tables.
Very delicious!

My Rocky Road milkshake (so good until Zeek keeps sneaking sips!) and Sheila’s piña colada milkshake.
She took this shot.

Background: Funghi pizza with mushrooms and mozarella cheese (my absolute fave!) and the can’t-remember-the-name pizza in the foregound.

Also ordered the mushroom lasagna.
Too bland for my liking :/

Zeek’s Sticky Caramel pudding, I think.

Our very own Miss Malaysia Universe 2011, Deborah Henry was also dining there today!
She’s gorgeous!
Sorry for the paparazzi-esque shots, Deborah.
(Zeek fell in love with her)

We headed to Amcorp Mall after that, and Zeek got excited when he saw a vending machine selling M&M’s, and this was how much he got for RM1.
What a rip off!

PS: Starting work on Monday!

  • Does the food really so delicious everytime in your post or it was just your photos?making me craving for it everytime~><"
    deborah henry is soooooo pretty!!
    Good luck for your work~^^

  • @Cheryl: Thanks! 😀 Lol the food at Ben's General Food Store IS good! Not sure if it's my photos lol. Yes, Deborah Henry is very pretty (and tall!).

  • I liked the feel of the restaurant. I wouldn't mind going back for a second time! Will try other things on the menu! 😀

    Also, the drinks (or at least mine) acted more like a desert due to the thickness. So for those who wish to order the piña colada, have a glass of water as well! Well, that's what I did anyway! (;

  • @Sheila: Me too! Hoping to go back there soon! Lol isn't water already served with every meal? 😉