Tea in Wonderland

Behind the Scenes of ‘Tea in Wonderland’

Following up on my previous blog post, ‘Tea in Wonderland’ is a photo which Cheryl and I worked on together for the Ultimate Royal Tea Competition organised by the British High Commission.
The winner (and a friend) will attend the Royal Tea Party and meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (more popularly known as Prince William and Kate Middleton) in conjunction with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Tour.
The photo was shortlisted, and this is actually my very first time entering a photography competition! Not bad, eh?
This is also my first time working on a photoshoot with Cheryl. Very odd considering the fact that we have been close friends since Day 1 in university and share a love for photography.
The photo was shot in my bedroom and Cheryl suggested featuring some of my vintage books.

We used nylon strings to hang all the teacups, and being the engineers we are, we had to reinforce with a web of strings to prevent the teacups from sinking when it takes the weight of the tea.

It took us about 4 hours just to hang the teacups and experiment with the positions so the tea will pour into the cup on the table.

And the tea spilled everywhere!

Original shot.
Cheryl is wearing my Chanel-inspired pearl hairpin which I DIY-ed here.

After some editing to erase the nylon strings, cellophane tape and spilling tea followed by some minor cropping and colour correction (to ensure that the photo is vivid on all types of screens)
Et voilà!

Head over to the British High Commission’s Facebook page to see the winning photo!
THIS photo by Nadia Zahari is my other favourite photo in the competition 😉

  • Come to think of it…this was our 1st photoshooting together in 5 years!
    We should do this more often! 😛

  • Oh this is just too cute. I love how you structured the table – so creative x


    • And thank you for always supporting my photography, SOTC!

  • so pretty!!!!!!!

  • So British, so elegant, so chic – just so amazing!! I love this!!

    • Ahh, I'm so happy that you, a self-confessed tea snob, love this photo, Milla! We've spent so much time on this one photo and all I want to do is to share it (even though we didn't win the photography competition to attend the Royal Tea Party with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)